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About Us

Rising from the streets of Boston Massachusetts comes a fiery brand of marriage and a raw, uncut journey to…well, anywhere. Nick and Alexa Comerci are your hosts to a new breed of podcast that will wake you from your Netflix bender, and have you asking, “What the *@%# do I want out of life!?”. On the first-year anniversary of their marriage, Nick and Alexa asked themselves this very question and decided to set off on the uncharted voyage to becoming Non9to5er’s. Along with their listeners, aka “Grinders”, Nick and Alexa share personal stories of aspiring individuals looking to make similar changes in their lives. The first step is always challenging, and the Non9to5er podcast will help you tackle the risk and uneasiness of your first step. Listeners get front row seats to Nick and Alexa’s journey as they open the airways to a new generation of grinders; hungry entrepreneurs ready to devour dreams and experience life on their own terms.

The grind and hustle lives in you, so join Alexa, Nick, and their eagerly suspicious cat Presley as they take on the hustle and take back their dreams.

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